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Ko, Youngjoong

About Me

I'm a professor in Dept. of Computer Sience and Engineering, Graduate School of AI, and Dept. of Applied Data Science at the Sungkyunkwan University from September 2019. Before I joined the faculty at Sungkyunkwan University, I worked at Dong-A University from September 2004 after completing my Ph.D in August 2003.

I work at the intersection of natural language processing (NLP) and information retrieval (IR), and I am interested in NLP (dialogue system etc), IR (cross-language IR etc), text mining (text classification/summarization etc), opinion mining (comparison mining, sentiment classification etc), big data (topic modeling and machine learning etc) and UI/UX. Recently, I'm interested in how to apply topic modeling and deep learning techniques to my research areas. I'm leading the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Laboratory at College of Computing and Informatics of Sungkyunkwan University. For more details, please see my CV.

I have developed and opened NLP analysis tools and their corpora in the github site.

I worked at the Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Laboratory (CLIP) at the University of Maryland, College Park as a visiting scholar from 2011 fall semester to 2012 spring semester. My collaborator was Prof. Doug Oard.


Contact Information

Ko, Youngjoong

86409, N Center, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, Graduate School of AI, and Dept. of Applied Data Science
Sungkyunkwan University (Natural Science Campus),
Gyeonggi-do, 16419, Korea

youngjoong.ko at gmail.com

Google Scholar Profile
Visit the github site for my opening NLP analysis tools and their copora.
Visit the github site for open sources and class materials of SKKU NLP Lab.