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Ko, Youngjoong

Demonstrations, Talks and Writings

Natural Language Processing/Dialogue System/QA System/Graph-based Neural Network
Text Classification/Summarization
Information Retrieval/Cross-language IR
Big Data Analysis/Opinion Mining
Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Topic Modeling/Advesarial Learning
DeepFake(Fake News Detection)/Mobile/Bio/Multimodal(image), etc.

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External Knowledge based Dialogue System, 2024. [Demo Video]
Explainable Question Answering System, 2024. [Demo Video]
Low-resource Text Classification Method that Mitigates Overfitting on Domain-specific Features, 2023. [Demo Video]
SoPI: Soft Engagement with Pseudo Initatives for Multi-Party Conversations, 2023. [Demo Video]
Dynamic Persona Generation through Commonsense Inference in Dialogues, 2023. [Demo Video]
Knowledge-based Response Generation for Dialogue Systems, 2022. [Demo Video]
Dialogue State Tracking Model with a Syntactic Discourse Graph, 2022. [Demo Video]
Information Retrieval with REAP (Retrieval-adaptive Pretraining), 2022. [Demo Video]
Text Summarization with the Query Attentive Graph-Attention Network, 2022. [Demo Video]
Multi-moidal Dialogue System (DSTC11, SIMMC), 2022. [Demo Video]

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"ChatGPT란 무엇인가?" at 성대의 성대한 특강, 2023. [Talk Video, Part I and Part II]
"Neural Symbolic AI" at SKKU AI Colloquium, 2021. [Talk Video]
"Let's get on board with NLP" at AI X Bookathon, 2021. [Talk Video]

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SKKUZINE, 2022 [Webzine]
AI Society Newsletter, 2021 [Newsletter]

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